SlimGuru is your weight loss companion, allowing you to book personal training sessions and join free fitness camps in and around your city.

This is not just another weight loss app. SlimGuru is about taking action and ‘showing up’. We believe no expert in the world can do anything for you if you don’t want to work out and make an effort.

SlimGuru turns the traditional approach upside down and gives you the best offer of your life – completely free weight loss sessions and training – as long as you ‘show up’.

If you show up to our sessions, you pay nothing. If you don’t show up, you’ll pay the price.

Booking personal training sessions in your city is seamless with the SlimGuru app. You also get access to a wealth of weight loss and fitness training content created by experts and weight loss professionals from around the world.

Weight loss does not get any easier than SlimGuru. What’s your excuse now?

Personalized Training and Diet Plans

SlimGuru is all about you and we make sure you get personalized training and diet plans that go with your body’s requirements and weight loss goals

Sessions Booking in Minutes

SlimGuru makes booking sessions and personal trainers a breeze. You can get the best professional training and advice in a matter of minutes.

Social Connectivity and Challenges

Weight loss is a lot more fun with friends to challenge and perform collective activities. SlimGuru has social connectivity, allowing you to share your progress with your friends and challenge them to do better. Losing weight was never this much fun.

Wealth of Useful Content

Weight loss and fitness is a discipline and the most successful in this are those who take time to learn about their fitness. SlimGuru comes with a trove of useful content that will educate you and teach you all there is to know about health, fitness and wellness.